June mail call

Hope everyone had a good memorial day weekend.

Since it's a new month, I think it deserves a new thread. Post what you got in the mail (can also include email, in store deals, whatever you fancy :P)



-O magazine subscription & free tote offer (recycled)

-Dr. Scholl's insole sample & $2 off coupon

-$50 in northface gcs =D


-$5 amazon.com gc from swagbucks

-$25 amazon.com gc from expotv


  • By: swanvalleygurl

    I got $21.00 In Amazon Payments

    6 Free Kraft Product Coupons (Lunch Meat, Mac N' Cheese, Mini Digorno Pizza, KoolAid, 100 Calorie Cheese Packs, Crackerfuls

    $4.00 Off Digorno Pizza & Breadsticks

    Went Shopping, Bought Alice in Wonderland and at my store if you bought it you got 2 free 12-packs of batteries.

    Also Got 2 bags of Chex Mix for .50 Total and a lot of other close to free stuff, but not totally free.... All in All, A Great Day!!!


  • By: babybarnplus

    2 Wysong Pet Food Samples

    Got2B Bzz Agent kit - came with samples, a free product coupon, and more coupons


    250 completely free business cards from Snapio - used $10 promo code I won from the IWG

    $3 Pinecone payment


  • By: rosewatson

    so far i have gotten free mac and cheese coupons (2 kinds) samples for the new loreal everstrong products, saveur magazine, offer for free year with boat magazine (which i declined nicely), got something else but can't remember..may be a few days before i check back here moving weekend (yeah) so i wish yall a great weekend with a mailbox full of things


  • By: swanvalleygurl

    Mail Was light today....

    2 Old Spice Body Wash Samples

    1 Pot Holder From Stouffers

    BUT...... I won an IWG!

    I won Valentine's Day on Dvd! From Hardee's Wheel Of Awesome!


  • By: babybarnplus

    Today I got

    Free Baby Bjorn Potty from Franklin Goose

    Nature's Bounty Pedometer


    Digiornio $3 off Pizza and Breadsticks coupon

    $3 Pinecone Payment

    Quilt Making Kit


  • By: br0wnieluver



    absolutely nothing...not even junk mail! =( but i guess it's better than getting bills.

    good stuff that happened to me today...

    -won free pair of black leggings from HUE on facebook (because i was one of the first 25 fans today to submit a picture wearing leggings)

    -bought 5 items online (box of 50 count oil absorbing sheets, nail polish remover, nail cutter, bag of halls strawberries & cream cough drops, and blistex lip balm which normally costs $9.95 but i had a $10 off promo code. ) so i only paid 99 cents for shipping! if you're interested in this, let me know so i can give you more info

    -my friend treated me to frozen yogurt (it was really good. i put half mango and half strawberry froyo. topped it with sliced strawberries, sliced kiwi, gummy bears and frozen covered pretzels)

    -went to Victoria's Secret to redeem my free panty card I won from Listia to get nude colored ones


  • By: swanvalleygurl

    Today I Got.....

    Barbie Fashionista Purse

    Lancome Creme Radiance (Worth $24.50) For Free

    E.L.F. Lip Tin (Ran Out when I originally ordered so they sent me one for free)

    My House Party Package should be arriving today too, so As soon as it comes I'll post a pic.


  • By: babybarnplus

    Hey Br0wnie are you talking about the Medco promo?

    Today I got

    FREE Conair Fabric Steam Cleaner from Viewpoints

    A box with about 500 samples of John Frieda Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment (I do not know where this came from and definitely didn't order it - but it's a great freebie)

    $2 Buzzback payment

    FREE Yogurt coupon

    FREE Tropicana coupon



  • By: br0wnieluver

    hi baby. yup thats the one! loveee it =O)i think you got the john frieda samples from signing up as a yoga instructor awhile back.



    -Time, Marie Claire and Seventeen magazines

    -Hourglass makeup samples

    -Shirley j universal sauce

    -Listia win- coupon for free auntie anne's original or cinnamon sugar pretzel and bonus BOGO coupon


    -$3 pinecone study payment

    -free rooty tooty fresh 'n fruity coupon for ihop x3 (signed up family members too but found out its only 1 per table..hmm)

    -update that my conair steamer has been shipped


  • By: swanvalleygurl

    Got My House Party Package!!!!

    Pics are up on my blog......


    So I totally ordered off of the Medco site, couldn't pass up an amazing deal like that now could I????

    I should be getting lots of stuff! 8 Things to be exact!

    2 Cans of Secret Aerosol and 6 Chapstick's (Can't EVER have enough lip balm!)

    Thanks Brownie for helping me out with the Medco site and telling me the savings code!


    • By: br0wnieluver

      awesome! i love checking out your blog because i like the music and pictures. how'd you get the hard candy eye liners? hehe it's good to stock up on chapsticks cause they run out/get lost pretty easy. i found out you can use MHS10 OR FIRST10 for your first order, but there's ANOTHER code TENOFF you can use to place a second order in the same account! pretty slick lol. don't mention it =P


  • By: swanvalleygurl

    The Hard Candy Eye Liners were from a Contest with Seventeen Magazine, they had 10,000 to giveaway, wasn't expecting to get them, because the promo was like in January I think...

    My Mail Included......

    My Bzz Agent Kit

    -4 Samples

    -Free Book of Coupons (Including a fpc)

    1 Sample of Eucerin

    4 Free Coupons for 20oz Cokes

    (1) 2GB Data Stick

    Pick is up at my blog like always


  • By: babybarnplus

    Lots of samples today

    Cascade Actionpacs

    2 sample bottles of Pantene shampoo and conditioner

    sample bottle of Old Spice Odor Blocker mens body wash

    Special K bar sample and coupons

    Dove shampoo and conditioner samples

    Bounce dryer sheet sample

    $10 off any purchase at Fashion Playtes

    Tide w/ Febreze sample

    Digalog tote bag


    $12 Amazon GCs for surveys

    2 $1 off Oreo golden cookies


  • By: rockerlee

    Hi I am new here and just been using this site a few months now...I always follow your guy's mail call and read everything.(I learned how to put my own mail call up and I have gotten a few things now yippy thanks to you guys)Some things you guys write I have no clue what it is or how to do it...Can someone clue me in please so I can start getting some of this cool stuff too?

    I have no job,no car and my life is bad I need FREE STUFF SO BAD...You ALL can write me every time you find something good for FREE and please include details if its using codes and going other places than on this site and clicking...(I know how to get some stuff here but not much)(my computer skills are low so I NEED to follow step by step instructions most of the time) LMAO...My e-mail is (sweep4me2one@yahoo.com) Anyone can write me their 1000 a day I don't care as long as it is free things or almost free things and you want to teach me how to get them too...I would thank you so much for helping my life out and god bless you ALL !!!

    Thank you so much

    Ok here are some samples of what I have no clue on...

    (1)-how you get Amazon GCs 4 surveys?

    (2)-How do I get the medco stuff? (I pushed in name in the google and went to some sites but have no clue where the free or almost free stuff is at?

    (3)-How you get the 4 coupons for coke?

    (4)-(BROWNIE) please teach me how to do this...(how'd you get the hard candy eye liners? hehe it's good to stock up on chapsticks cause they run out/get lost pretty easy. i found out you can use MHS10 OR FIRST10 for your first order, but there's ANOTHER code TENOFF you can use to place a second order in the same account! pretty slick lol. don't mention it =P)....(I am just learning on codes so please e-mail me in detail if you get time please and would love the hard candy eye liner as well...thank you)

    (5)-(swanvalleygurl )please send me referral invite into my email for Survey Survey so you get credit for me please? (only fair since you got payment I trust it is real)I love your page and could use all the food and gift cards and barbie purce I have so much to learn(lol)

    (6)-how 2 get 6 Free Kraft Product Coupons ?

    (7)-how to get Amazon Payments ?

    (8)-Lancome Creme Radiance?

    Thank you so much and god bless you ALL !!!


  • By: swanvalleygurl

    Rockerlee, Sent you an email invite for Opinion Outpost & Survey Savvy. I also sent an email to you describing how I received certain things. If you need to ask me anything else, you can post it here or at my blog : http://thebrunettesguidetogreatdeals.blogspot.com/ or even email me at TheBrunettesGuideToGreatDeals@yahoo.com

    Hope This helps you out a little!!


    • By: hdunger03

      Hi i was wondering if you would be willing to invite me to the survey savvy as well. Also if you could give me a couple pointers. I have three kids and no job. we live from husbands income. We love free stuff or nearly free stuff.


  • By: br0wnieluver



    -fashion playtes postcard with code for save $10

    -Barbie fashionista purse with pink bracelet & mirror from IWG

    -Old Spice odor blocker body wash sample from Walmart

    -Purina Difference Rewards packet with coupon for free bag of horse feed

    -coupon for free Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice x2

    -Listia win - free VS panty coupon card & $10 off purchase

    -trade from couponforum - coupon for free lean cuisine, coupon for free package of any fisher boy item + bonus money saving coupons

    from my friend:

    -coupon for free chavrie goat cheese

    she also gave me a cute shirt that wasn't her style


  • By: swanvalleygurl

    Today I Got......

    2 Secret Clinical Strength Samples

    1 John Frieda Sample Sheet

    3 (4x6 Photos)

    2 Oreo Coupons ($1.00 Off)

    2 Free Pace Coupons

    1 Book-Chosen (Reward From Incentive Logic)

    1 Barbie Fashionista Purse


  • By: br0wnieluver



    -junk mail from Crystal Cathedral

    -Secret clinical strength deodorant sample from Walmart

    -Revlon lipstick in raspberry bite & $1 off Chapstick Walgreens coupon

    -Sahale barbeque almonds with mild chipotle+ranch sample. there was 78 cents in stamps that were unmarked so reusable lol

    -John Frieda frizz-ease shampoo, conditioner and hair serum sample

    -P&G sampler with Pantene medium-thick shampoo+conditioner sample, 2 pack Dawn Cascade actionpacs, can of Iams cat food, Metamucil pink lemonade and various coupons

    -coupon for free tropicana pure premium orange juice

    -save $4 pace coupon from IWG (that makes it the 5th and last one)

    -$7.80 check from Opinion Outpost



    -kiwi and martha stewart living magazines

    -letter from chase

    -pantiliner PT

    went to a free advanced screening of The Karate Kid and it was awesome!


  • By: jeep87

    Todays Mail

    - FAFSA Letter for School.

    - Free Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor. (That means my boyfriend will end up getting his today too and wonder who sent it)


  • By: swanvalleygurl

    Today I Got.....

    2 Free 20 oz Coke Coupons

    Better Homes & Gardens Magazines

    Crest Toothpaste (For Product Test)

    Valentine's Day DVD (Hardee's IWG)

    Billy Madison & Happy Gilmore DVD Set (Free w/ Amazon GC Payments)

    My Order From Medco......

    2 Secret Deodorants

    5 Chap sticks (Love These Things....)

    1 Strawberry Chap stick is on Back order, should be getting in about 2 weeks or less with free shipping.

    Pic is up on my blog...... http://thebrunettesguidetogreatdeals.blogspot.com/


  • By: jeep87

    Just won this from a IWG on facebook! Made me pretty happy lol! First time ever playing.

    Just walked away with a Free Happy Star® Poker Set by spinning The Wheel of Awesome.


  • By: klowe07

    I'm new here but here goes:

    - coupon for free Tropicana orange juice

    - 2 50 oz bottles of Tide for a PT

    - Colgate toothpaste for a PT

    - huggies coupons

    and I just got confirmed to host a bulls-eye BBQ house party! My first ever :)


  • By: jeep87

    Today in the mail I got 3.00 off breadsticks and pizza..

    Than I got a email that my listia wins went out today and I'm also waiting

    for my other listia win to come in the mail.

    Just got a email saying I was accepted for 100 days of bic online party.


  • By: babybarnplus

    Congrats on the House Party klowe07 and welcome!

    Today I got

    $13 survey payments

    $1 Amazon GC - lol

    FREE Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Collection 2 DVD from Zoompanel

    FREE Curious Case of Benjamin Button DVD with FREE Amazon GC

    $10 North Face GC (in the mail, came with a sticker)

    A bunch of magazines

    FREE Element T-shirt from Elements Search + Win

    New 2010 NRA membership card - free


  • By: swanvalleygurl

    Did an update to my blog, come check it out!!! http://thebrunettesguidetogreatdeals.blogspot.com/

    Today I Got.....

    1.00 Amazon Gift Card

    Interview & Entertainment Weekly Magazines

    Glee Journey To Regionals Cd (Free w/ Amazon Payments)

    Nip/Tuck Season 6 Final Season.... =(

    Free W/ Amazon Payments

    (3) 1.00 Off Crackerfulls

    (1) .55 off Kraft Mac & Cheese

    1 Free Coupon For Minute Rice

    (2) .50 Off Minute Rice Coupons

    1 Free Coupon For Skinny Cow Ice Cream ($6.00 Value)

    $10.00 In Paypal Cash


  • By: br0wnieluver



    -junk letter from Geico

    -$4 coupon for digiorno pizza & breadsticks

    -DHC catalog with samples

    -Beinggirl kit with box of 3 tampax tampons, 2 always pads & pantiliners samples plus a coupon for free always ultra or maxi. up to 18 count

    -Listia win - photo stamps software with gift certificate for free 20 photo stamps, shipping included

    -Conair fabric steamer from Vocalpoint



    -sample pack with 4 tablets of Nature made vitamins & $1 off coupon

    -Bounty sample from Sam's Club

    -T-mobile bill for -$91.34 lol

    from my mom's:

    -Revlon lipstick in chocolate velvet and $1 off chapstick coupon from Walgreens

    -Sahale tuscan almonds with parmesan + herbs sample



    -$5 amc theatres gift card from Listia win

    -coupon for free package of any idahoan product

    -dkny be delicious lip gloss and perfume from glamour

    -medco order for only 99 cents shipping (nail polish remover, nail cutter, halls cough drops, e.l.f. oil absorbing sheets, blistex lip balm)


    -$5 paypal from lightspeed panel


  • By: babybarnplus

    Swan...where did you get the Alice in Wonderland tote?

    Today I got

    The Journey of Natty Gann DVD - free from Disney Movie Rewards

    $5 check - Synovate

    People magazine

    Red Gold tote bag


  • By: br0wnieluver



    -coupon for free genesis today 10 oz goji berry juice

    -coupon for 1 gallon free nursery purified water

    -letter from conagra foods with coupon for free healthy choice frozen product and coupon for free marie callender's frozen product

    -amc gold experience ticket from kgb deals order

    went to an advanced free screening of Toy Story 3 in 3-D, it was so awesome! it was sponsored by people magazine so they gave out loreal "samples" which turned out to be full size bottles of woody mango and buzzlight year berry shampoo. woohoo. my friend gave me $6 in coldstone gift cards she didn't want. so nice of her, will be perfect for hot summer weather. it was a good day! also went to aveda because they sent me a postcard for free sample of damage remedy. went to Victoria's Secret to redeem free panty & $10 off purchase card. got love spell hand & body lotion for free. woot. oh yeah, i also redeemed my Denny's free original grand slam card for breakfast.


  • By: babybarnplus

    Thanks, Swan.

    I can't wait to go see Toy Story 3 :)

    Today I got

    Free Product Coupons from Kraft - 6 of them - Crackerfuls, Kool Aid, Lunch Meat, Deep Dish Pizza, Mac n Cheese, and 100 calorie cheese bites.

    $10 Old Navy GC from Shop It To Me

    Ok magazine

    Photo Poster from Snapfish

    Free Nursery Water coupon

    Sarah Mclachlan CD from One2One Network


  • By: babybarnplus

    Also got a $10 Tea Forte gift code from SELF. Looks like the cheapest thing to get is a 2pk sampler of tea for $1.45.

    I'll probably pass.

    Also got an Amazon GC ($9.10) from Opinion Outpost and ordered Andrew Zimmerman: Bizarre Foods Collection 1 completely free.


  • By: br0wnieluver



    -Smile.ly Mission: seven (7) bags Snikiddy Baked Fries

    -Special K chocolate peanut butter bar & money saving coupons

    -free tropicana orange juice coupon

    -Kraft First Taste coupons for ONE (1) FREE package of KOOL-AID Fun Fizz Drink Drops (up to $2.49), OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Shaved Meats (up to $4.50), RITZ CRACKERFULS Filled Crackers (up to $3.49), KRAFT 100 CALORIE PACKS CHEESE BITES (up to $3.29), KRAFT HOMESTYLE DELUXE Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (up to $3.99), and DIGIORNO® Deep Dish Pizza (up to $3.30).

    -$7 check from opinion outpost

    -$50.25 check from globaltestmarket

    -$10 American Eagle gift card from EagleEyes (finally! after joining their panel for a year? lol jeez)


    -$10 tea forte gift certificate x2

    Huggies IWG:

    -won $10 Dairy Queen gift card! =D


  • By: babybarnplus

    Congrats on your win brownie!

    Today I got

    $9.35 survey check from Survey Savvy

    $18 in survey payments from Dollarsurveys

    $3 survey payment from Pinecone

    Hair Straightening Product Test

    Dog magazine from Beneful


  • By: jecinta2010

  • By: br0wnieluver

    thanks baby :) ugh! who is this jecinta2010? putting spam on every thread it seems like. anyway, here is an update on my past 2 mail days.



    -Green Giant tote with coupon for free 5 lb. bag of potatoes

    -American Apparel "Made in USA" thong LOL. came with a $5 off purchase card that expires july 9th.

    -P&G Sampler from Sam's Club (1 day membership pass, and the following samples: Pantene shampoo&conditioner, 4 pack Cascade extra action, Prilosec, Bounce dryer sheets, Tide with Febreeze

    -Threadless.com t-shirt order for my brother (free with $25 gc for adding widget to my blog)

    from my mom's:

    -coupon for free genesis today 10 oz. goji berry juice


    -$3 paypal from pinecone study

    -$10 tea forte gift certificate x2



    -snapfish order - 50 4x6 photos, 1 8x10 poster, 1 11x14 poster, completely free with father's day promo code


    -$10 tea forte gift code


    went to a twilight "faux graduation party". there was a lot of giveaways! i got 4 character t-shirts, 1 movie scroll, 1 pen, 1 pin, 3 movie posters and an advanced screening pass for eclipse. it was fun. no one walked away empty handed. there was some lucky ducks that got branded hoodies, tote bags, pajama sets, etc.

    huggies IWG:

    just won $10 lowes gift card!



  • By: swanvalleygurl

    Since I Last Posted,

    I've received the Following....

    2.00 Paypal Payment

    20.00 Amazon Gift Card Payment

    Free Pace Product Coupon

    Free Red Gold Grocery Bag

    Thumb Wars Thumb Holders

    Secret Clinical Strength

    Best Buy Gift Card

    $5.10 Check From Opinion Outpost

    20 Pack of Cascade Liquid Gels

    Surviving Christmas Dvd (Free w/ Amazon Payments)

    The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner (Free w/ Amazon Payments)


  • By: babybarnplus

    I wrote yesterdays mail under my freebie shopping post b/c I wanted to share a picture...today I got

    $20 Visa Gift Card (gonna do an at home research study and they sent some of my compensation to start me off with - I get the rest when I'm finished with the study)

    Andrew Zimmerman Bizarre Foods Collection 1 - free with Amazon GC - I like this show, the food he eats is so weird.

    Gone Google sticker sheet - they just say gone in black and white