Veralixir - Aloe Detox Supplements - $10 Trial & Free Shipping


A healthy gut is thought to be vital to a healthy body. Bloating, low energy, indigestion, and feeling off can all be attributed to an unhealthy gut. If you're feeling off, a detox might be good for you.

Like any good detox, aloe cleanses built-up waste and toxins from your body. But it also does much more.

Aloe boosts your immune system to help "detox" your body from illness. Studies also show it can increase nutrient absorption by as much as 269%. (Imagine what that would do for your energy levels!). It's even a potent prebiotic that supports the growth of your body's "good" bacteria5.

No other plant can improve your gut health in so many different ways - all at the same time.

Veralixir Caps by Detoxwater are made with hand-picked, certified 100% USDA Organic aloe vera. They also have more aloe in them than most other brands. You get 300mg of premium aloe in each capsule, making them a great value.

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